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Create genuine sales leads for your sales team

How does marketing use Salesgenie CRM++ to generate leads?

When it comes to sales opportunities, quality matters as much as quality. Salesgenie CRM++ helps a marketing professional to create a large number of genuine opportunities.

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Who are you talking to, again?

And, what are you telling her?

So,  you know that even in the same enterprise, actual human beings involved in taking decisions may need to be communicated to differently.
Firstly, they have unequal information and priorities regarding you and your products that satisfy their needs. This means some among them may be at a stage of low awareness whereas some may be experienced users of your product for a long time. Some would have reached a stage of comparing solutions from different vendors whereas others may not even be convinced they have a problem/ need; as a result they may not even have started any active research.
Secondly, roles even within the same organization are constantly shifting.
Depending upon where they are and what their role in the purchase process is, communicate appropriately and differently so that customers hear only the most appropriate product benefits.
Sounds good in theory; only the very best of salesmen manage to do this consistently and well.
Multiply the problem by the number of companies that potentially you could be selling to. This now becomes a daunting task of reaching many messages across to many individuals across many companies. Internet makes it possible to not only target a broad audience; it also makes it possible for us to target really small segments of buyers across many companies very cost effectively with messaging that is personalized.

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