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Interacting with budding entrepreneurs in ITBHU

I was in my alma mater, the Institute of Technology, BHU a few days back. They have recently mooted this great concept of Innoventure where students desirous of turning entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their ideas to “more seasoned” entrepreneurs and VCs. The organisers were kind enough to call me to help judge the entries and jumping at this chance to go back to my campus, I said “yes”. Read more…


CRM: Everyone wants their competitor’s customers

So, now it is out in the open.

Sugar CRM wants to woo the existing customers of

SugarCRM Offers Customers Half-Off Their Subscription Fee Plus a Free Migration | SugarCRM – Commercial Open Source CRM.

Among the others, Zoho has been offering a “switchover” program for a long time; and, they do not limit their offer to Salesforce subscribers!

Move your data from Salesforce, ACT, SugarCRM etc, to Zoho CRM – Save over 60% of your CRM Costs.

To me, it shows two things:

1. The CRM industry in US and much of the western world is getting commoditized upon reaching maturity. So, Zoho and Sugar think they can take a “low-price” position and win folks over on account of lower upfront license costs.

2. The larger message: whatever be the public posturing, CRM vendors find it more profitable and rewarding to convert existing CRM customers than creating new ones- in the same or newer geographies.

And, a possible third..

could it be that whatever they might claim, servicing thousands of SMEs is really not where either SugarCRM or Zoho wants to be? They see themselves, as Salesforce did before them and Oracle or SAP did earlier- in serving the LME (Large to Medium enterprises)rather than the SME markets.

Good for us! SalesgenieCRM++ loves SMEs!

What the rumored HP deal with Salesforce means

HP to sign mega deal with Salesforce, may dump Oracle Siebel: analyst – International Business Times.

As a player in the small business CRM market (makers of Salesgenie CRM++ ), we rejoice. I will explain, but first a take on the story itself.

This could be a defining moment for Salesforce, for the cloud-based application providers (particularly enterprise applications like accounting, CRM and ERP) and for the CRM industry itself. Read more…

When do you use free software for office purpose?

Let me clarify, I only mean the legal, licensed type: downloaded, or hosted on a website.

Examples of those I use: Google Apps – for my office mail, Google Analytics – online analytics of my website, Deskaway – Online Project management, Mikogo – FREE Online meeting app,  PollDaddy – on which the poll below was created or TwtPoll. And, a bit of self promotion here: we do eat out own lunch; we use our own product Salesgenie CRM++ , a hosted Customer Relations Marketing product: also available for FREE for up to 2 full-functional users.
Why are these free? They follow, what is called a FREEMIUM model of pricing for their products and service. They address various customer needs of try before buy or not needing to use the full-feature set of a software.

Why do you use free software? What’s your need? Please take this poll

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