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Hiring: Sales and Marketing guys

Anwesha CRM Pvt Ltd is a software product startup based out of NOIDA. Our flagship product is Salesgenie CRM++, a next generation Customer Relationship Marketing tool, hosted on the web and targeted at the Small and Medium enterprises market. Salesgenie CRM++ is sold per license per month per user basis. Salesgenie CRM++ was recently among the 10 software product companies showcased at Nasscom product conclave 2010.

Anwesha CRM was founded and is run by Anindya Chatterjee (that’s me!).

Salesgenie CRM++ is now out of beta and we are looking to create the first team of sales and marketing people who will help take this product to the market.

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Personal takeaways from the Nasscom Product Conclave- Bangalore

I was there at the Nasscom Product conclave that just concluded in Bangalore. We had a great 2 days- meeting some truly inspiring people, picking the brains of many smart individuals and exploring possibilities of partnerships with synergistic businesses.

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Create genuine sales leads for your sales team

How does marketing use Salesgenie CRM++ to generate leads?

When it comes to sales opportunities, quality matters as much as quality. Salesgenie CRM++ helps a marketing professional to create a large number of genuine opportunities.

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Why CRM is not for hunters

Or, why Sales Hates CRM

Just saw this question on the LinkedIn forum CRM Experts, “Why Sales hates CRM”.

I resisted the temptation to jump in and post a comment; when last seen, the comments had gone to 80 in number and climbing.

Most comments were centered around the two pet peeves of salesmen: Read more…

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