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Stop using stone age CRM

Stop using stone age CRM

Top 3 things to wish for in a modern CRM system

My dear Mr Akhilesh Yadav

I am a small entrepreneur who decided to locate his software development centre in NOIDA. And, a year into this decision, and with your government having come in with a massive mandate, I am thinking of moving back to Delhi.

Sir, like many of my ilk, NOIDA is my workplace; but all my office colleagues happen to stay here as well. For the last many days, ever since the onset of summer, I have not had more than 3-4 hours of power in a day in our office.

I did not bargain for this. I am having to pay thousands of Rupees per month in running a DG set, in addition to paying for electricity which we do not get. My colleagues come to work every day bleary eyed from lack of sleep- how can you expect them to work when there is no power at their homes even at night?

Sir, we are ambitious, we are driven and we are hungry. We want to make world class software product sitting in NOIDA. All we need is stable electricity supply.

Please help.

Visiting the IITF2011- first impressions

I visited the IITF after many years: eight to be precise and I thought of listing my thoughts and impressions of IITF2011, especially what has changed in the interim.

Who is this trade-fair IITF 2011 for?

We walked through hall after hall, moved from one stall to another and my overwhelming impressions were:

1. The IITF 2011 is no longer aimed at the business visitor- not overtly like it used to be when I used to participate.

In those times we used to look forward in dread to the general public days- where you would be shouting at the top of your voice to make yourself hard- and yet not make any sense. Your “target audience” would be muscled out by aunties and uncles, with babies in arms in many cases. Read more…

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