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Let’s tackle adoption first: CRM software

CRM adoption lags the other enterprise softwares like ERP, HR or Payroll. There are many reasons for this. One important thing to remember is that no one forces you to use CRM; there is no statutory provision that will be violated by non-use. Whereas, after an organization is of a certain size, it has no option but to use the other enterprise softwares; if nothing else, for complying with various statutory provisions.

But, there are other and perhaps as important reasons for why CRM softwares do not get adopted as fast. Most of them relate to the usability and usage model.

First, usage model. It works on the premise that the sales executives will log profile data, interaction history and so on. All other users of the system merely feed on the efforts of the sales executive, or so it seems to the executive anyway!

Now, given the above, one would have thought more efforts would be made to make it easier for the sales executives to log profile data and interaction history. Barring a few exceptions, the contact management part of most CRM softwares tend to be awkward, to say the least. Lots of information needs to be captured in a large form for every contact. The impression, gathered by the sales executives is that this information is almost useless for anyone but marketing, and they end up working hard to input this data.

Most of this data is available in bits and pieces in other form in their email software or phone book. That is the reason now most CRM softwares make synchronizing with popular email clients a priority.


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One thought on “Let’s tackle adoption first: CRM software

  1. CRM software does seem like a very worthwhile investment for companies where salespeople deal with a multitude of customers and need to track their progress. Making these systems less cumbersome and user friendly seems essential. If the data is input in a way where it can be cut and diced by other people within the organization to suit their needs, this could be a very powerful and useful tool.

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