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CRM: Everyone wants their competitor’s customers

So, now it is out in the open.

Sugar CRM wants to woo the existing customers of

SugarCRM Offers Customers Half-Off Their Subscription Fee Plus a Free Migration | SugarCRM – Commercial Open Source CRM.

Among the others, Zoho has been offering a “switchover” program for a long time; and, they do not limit their offer to Salesforce subscribers!

Move your data from Salesforce, ACT, SugarCRM etc, to Zoho CRM – Save over 60% of your CRM Costs.

To me, it shows two things:

1. The CRM industry in US and much of the western world is getting commoditized upon reaching maturity. So, Zoho and Sugar think they can take a “low-price” position and win folks over on account of lower upfront license costs.

2. The larger message: whatever be the public posturing, CRM vendors find it more profitable and rewarding to convert existing CRM customers than creating new ones- in the same or newer geographies.

And, a possible third..

could it be that whatever they might claim, servicing thousands of SMEs is really not where either SugarCRM or Zoho wants to be? They see themselves, as Salesforce did before them and Oracle or SAP did earlier- in serving the LME (Large to Medium enterprises)rather than the SME markets.

Good for us! SalesgenieCRM++ loves SMEs!


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3 thoughts on “CRM: Everyone wants their competitor’s customers

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  3. I agree with the comments above. CRM is a different ball-game and such cut-throat competition will only leave the users in lurch.

    SMEs pays out of their nose and it is important for CRM SME (subject matter experts) to step in and educate SMEs and help them build the right CRM processes and have the right tool in place.

    G Nagaraj
    Enterprise Consultant

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