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Create genuine sales leads for your sales team

How does marketing use Salesgenie CRM++ to generate leads?

When it comes to sales opportunities, quality matters as much as quality. Salesgenie CRM++ helps a marketing professional to create a large number of genuine opportunities.

Marketing departments run campaigns to increase the interest level of the customers in the products or services. To be effective, a marketing campaign must be:

1. Targeted at the right audience.
What is a right audience? A right audience is someone who has a problem that needs solving and we have the right product to solve the problem. In a B2B setting, you would want this person to also be associated with the search/ decision making for a solution.
How does Salesgenie CRM++ help find the right audience?
By using the easy to use graphical targeting tool that uses powerful search criteria to narrow down just the audience that you should communicate the message to.

2. Customized
Customization is not just about addressing it to Mr. ABC XYZ by name. Customization is about making it relevant for him/ her individually. How to do that in a mass communication, remains the biggest challenge in communication.
Salesgenie CRM++ lets every user be in charge of the messaging. Its user friendly template builder ensures that every user can either create messages for his customer base and send them out or better, use an already existing message design, fine-tune it and send it out to a handpicked group likely to be receptive.

3. Eliciting a response
The objective of a marketing communication can be either to start a conversation or to sustain it. We must ensure there is enough opportunity for the customer, the recipient of the communication, to participate.
Salesgenie CRM++ logs the responses automatically- when customers want to attend a seminar and click on the “Register me” link on your email, Salesgenie CRM++ logs those clicks automatically.

And the most important: surface just the right opportunities
Salesgenie CRM++ does not simply label every seminar attendee or literature requester or mailer response as a “sales lead”. It looks for supporting behaviour from others in the client organization- certainly more than just one single “sales oriented” behavior. Only when, the signals coming from the buyer company is strong, does Salesgenie CRM++ trigger a lead. As a marketing professional, you will love that the sales guys will now respect the quality of the leads you generate for them.


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