New marketing demystified for Indian SMEs

The art of positioning: New Nano Technology ..

..Could Revolutionize Server Cooling

Excerpts: Some pretty smart folk from Sweden’s Institute of Technology recently discovered that if you add nanoparticles to water, you can significantly improve its ability to conduct heat to the tune of 60 percent. This discovery could be a boon to server farms, which are notorious power hogs because of the level of power needed to keep everything chilly, or at least from burning up.”

Why am I talking about this?

Not because this has suddenly turned into a technology blog; far less a nano-tech blog.

Because, this is just a brilliant way of positioning a barely understood technology, in a language that all of us understand and focusing on a benefit that we can all understand, tying up with “Green” as a defining leitmotif in the bargain.

Why would you not be interested? And spread the story?

Imagine, however, that the company positioned this as a technology that allows the water to cool faster; boring!

Now, all of sudden, there is a buzz; a positive buzz. We want this to succeed; we do not want to feel guilty about our carbon foot-print.

Just brilliant positioning.


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