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Do you have trouble surfing with MTNL?

I do.

I am an MTNL broadband customer at home; at office we have Airtel.

I have frequent issues with MTNL; connection is on; speed is alright. Just that some sites refuse to open. And, before you start sniggering, guys, no! These are fit for children sites.

I was even having trouble browsing to my mail server which is hosted on google apps. And, also some links refused to open if clicked from Google search pages. To day, even cricinfo refused to open; I decided to act.

I changed my DNS settings from automatic to Google DNS.  For instructions on how I did that, click here.

That’s it. No more problems. My browsing problems just went away.

I confess I do not know exactly why this works; but it did for me. Comments welcome.


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