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My pet peeves on Twitter

Be warned, this is a rant.
Why set up a Twitter a/c only for one way broadcast and NEVER respond to customers?

I am fairly active on Twitter ( @canindya )and do carry out conversations with kindred souls. I also share links, interesting stuff that comes my way and also links to content that I generate. For example, this post, when published will also be shared on Twitter (and LinkedIn).
Now, there are lots of businesses on Twitter. From giants like Microsoft to News sites like The Economist or the Hindustan Times. They are all broadcasting hundreds of stories everyday. These are all bots.

Don’t even bother writing to them. Those are “unmanned”, broadcast-only accounts. Your chances of getting a response from @sachin_rt or @aplusk is greater than getting one from @HTBrunch, for instance.

Well, at least these bots have set the expectations right. But, what would you say to Microsoft @bizspark, whose mission is to nurture startups but they never respond to a tweet?

See my tweet to them; I am still waiting for a response.

For the mother of all Captcha experience must see @Microsoft @bizspark website- punishment for forgetting pwd is banishment for life )-: 12:51 AM Jul 5th via TweetDeck @

Alright; so we are too small. What about this Tweet I sent to mchek, the guys who make small value transactions possible?

@mchek can I recharge Tata Photon plus using mchek? 1:31 AM Jul 3rd via web

When this got to response, I sent another tweet, angry this time:

why set up a Twitter a/c only for one way broadcast and NEVER respond to customers? @mchek

Again, what do you think? No response.

The “crowning glory” was from this sales guy from a data-service vendor who sent a mass-emailer to my office. He was lucky, we were indeed looking for a directory. So, instead of sending a mail, I sent him a tweet which he had helpfully added below his signature in the email he had sent.

I will not reproduce the tweet; for fear he would be in trouble with his bosses. My tweet of a few days later, is self-explanatory

Received 2 e-mailers soliciting biz in the last 7 days; both had twitter links to sales guys; no one has got back to my tweet 12:55 AM Jul 5th via web

Why, as I said in my tweet sometime back, why set up a Twitter a/c only for one way broadcast and NEVER respond to customers?


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4 thoughts on “My pet peeves on Twitter

  1. Couple of updates; all may not be lost yet.
    Did see a couple of responses on Twitter recently. One from the recently launched Epicbrowser guys; the guy at their end knew exactly what the problem was and was also able to communicate their plans for resolution.
    The other was even nicer. I got into a bit of a Twitter exchange with @Sidin of LiveMint. I was complaining that on one of the articles on LiveMint, it is only possible to “Like” and not “Dislike”. Sidin did explain that the code was corrupted and he would get the Disqus guys to have look.
    He did not @Disqus. But, guess what? The @Disqus chimed in, within a few hours asking to know what’s going on.
    Just respond; all we ask.

  2. Sadly companies have figured out that Google indexes twitter…. if they can tweet in a one way push there is no risk in their eyes. Over time they will find that this doesn’t work as well as they had hoped… I hope!

    • Agree!
      But, they do not set the expectations that way. In a social media platform, which Twitter is, customers expect to be engaged both ways. Otherwise, it is just good ol’ advertising.

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