New marketing demystified for Indian SMEs

Launching Anwesha CRM

The last couple of months have been hectic; however, this month promises to be worse 🙂

Finally gave enough shape to the Anwesha website to be able to launch it. The primary focus of Anwesha Customer Relations Marketing Pvt Ltd, Anwesha CRM for short, is to offer the tools and processes that an SME needs in India in sales and marketing; the very same tools that the MNCs use to be successful.

I will continue blogging here. However, you can also catch me blogging on the Anwesha company blog. My focus here will not change; it will continue to be on CRM for small business.

The next month will be focused on the launch preparations for our flagship CRM product for the Indian market called Salesgenie CRM++. We are positioning this as the “Essential Salesforce” minus the frills. So, all you need to log customer interactions, initiate engagements, campaigns and manage them are there. As are the sales processes like recognising a lead or a deal, qualifying them through the sales cycle and closing.

Salesgenie CRM++ has real innovations like recognizing a real lead automatically based on pre-defined criteria (set by you). This is like a magnet picking out iron filings from dust and will be a real boon to harried sales managers and executives wanting to prioritize their sales efforts.

Salesgenie CRM++ allows you to send customized e-mails for invites, newsletters and such right from the tool.
Salesgenie CRM++ allows you to configure quotes, complete with taxes, discounts etc and send them off on email as a pdf.
Salesgenie CRM++  has smart selection tool for targeting customers for marketing campaigns or sales promotions. The intelligence built in the tool is directly proportional to the ease of use.
Salesgenie CRM++ has lead scoring and prioritization algorithm built-in which allows you to prioritize the sales leads for follow-up.
Salesgenie CRM++  has easy to use reporting built right into it.

And, to top it all, it is easily customizable, often by the user herself.

All the above makes it the most comprehensive sales and marketing management software for the SME sector in India. And, this is important- the MNC price-tags and the heavy process overheads and ramp-up- are absent.

Thank you for your support.


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