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CRM 2.0: limited to campaigns?

In my earlier post on Social Media and CRM integration, I had pointed you to a “great discussion” that is on right now. Now, I am a little unsure.
Having read all the posts so far, I wish these guys will hurry up and get to the point. At least the point which deeply interests me. 😉

How do you make CRM “social”?

1. Is it by capturing all the myriad customer voices on Facebook, Twitter and blogspaces, by monitoring millions of conversations and winnowing those that are relevant to your product, company and brand? Is it by being able to drill down to an individual customer’s comments and relate it to his profile on our database?
2. Is it trying to create a “complete map” of an individual contact by using his profiles and activities on sites such as FB, LI and Twitter? These ideas have a lot of wow, how do you do it in a way that is not so expensive as to drive Citibank into bankruptcy? 🙂 And, how do you manage this without employing an army of intelligent, empowered and motivated marketers who will be needed to participate-in, mentor, or seed those thousands of relevant conversations?

So, guys, hurry up. I am waiting to know. In the meantime, check out this post by Mario Pergolino of Marketo which details the state of the art ):
If you do not have the patience, let me summarise:
Mario essentially advocates using social media as another channel of disseminating marketing messages. It does not answer my questions above; but, to be fair, the article is not seeking to. It had a limited brief of summarizing how e-mail can work with social media, and it does just that. Social media is virtually an advetrtising platform and since this article is from Marketo, it calls for deeper engagements via email (“give your e-mail recipients the inside scoop”).

From here, to Social CRM or CRM 2.0 is a long way. There are still many posts left of the promised 30 on the CRM Magazine blog. I will wait.


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