New marketing demystified for Indian SMEs

A matter of ethics

My mother went to a ENT specialist the other day. The doctor prescribed 2 medicines; to be purchased from a retail chemist, as is the norm and made her purchase a “medicine”, without prescription, and without a bill for an astounding amount of INR 2,369 from him directly.

The so called medicine is made by the leading MLM con-artist company in the world; so, the price is not a surprise. After all, many mouths have had to be fed before this (hopefully) harmless “food supplement” reached my mother. But what is surprising is a doctor abusing his position of trusted adviser to peddle items of such dubious value.

A practicing doctor needs to make money and I am the first one to advise my doctor friends to add marketing savvy to the tools of their trade. But, this is not marketing. This is as far removed from an honest and ethical medical practice as marketing. Ramadoss needs to smoke these charlatans out before they irretrievably damage the reputation of both marketing and medicine.

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