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Cover all your bases in B2B Marketing

Seth’s Blog: The rational marketer (and the irrational customer)

Seth Godin talks about some of the pitfalls of b2b marketing. As always, a great read. 
In B2B marketing, there are many influencers and decision makers involved in the purchasing process. For a recap, read..
As I said in a previous post, you need to know who the influencers in a particular purchase are, what their roles will be and most importantly, what their key wins are so that you can structure a message tailored to their unique position. Explicitly, if you are selling packaging systems, what matters most  to the purchase director is the price of your solution; but, the marketing director, who is also involved in the purchasing process is looking for a packaging system that will make his product look more attractive to the end customer.
What is your whole product? What does it do? For whom? How many in your B2B marketplace can you enlist as stakeholders in recommending your product? All for their own reason.
B2B sales (and marketing) is complex since typically a committe takes the decision. When human beings are involved, the process is rarely mathematically exact. But, irrational it is not.

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