New marketing demystified for Indian SMEs

Facilitating conversations

Ideally you want to talk one on one with every single one of your customers and respond with solutions to their problems or better, learn enough about them to anticipate what you product or solution you should be building. 

This requires you to build huge content repositories which your “conversation engine” can pick from; either to start or to continue a conversation or even to close it. You also need rules; decision trees which anticipate how conversations can progress and point to the right response to be picked. 
All this is a lot of work and investment in time and money when you are starting off as a small enterprise. So, take small steps. As you start to move away from mass-marketing and move towards one-on-one marketing, there will be slow progress. You will first talk to smaller groups and then, yet smaller groups as you get better with customer profiling and targeting your messages to the audience. All the more reason for you to remind yourselves of micromarkets. 
If you pick well targeted benefit statements that appeal to the micromarkets and if we manage to build a well structured “dialog” with each micromarket, the results can be very gratifying.

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