New marketing demystified for Indian SMEs

Different strokes for different folks

Why you must tailor your message to suit your audience

I talked about the fact that customers are in various stages of awareness/ interest regarding your product/ solution or company. Let’s try and understand that a little more closely.

All customers are created equal in the beginning. They do not know you exist far less know about the existence of your product or service to solve some need of theirs. So, what causes them to change?

At any given time in your audience, there is a mix of customers in varying stages of awareness of your products and service. What tack you choose to take in your messaging to this market depends on:

What is your objective?

o Is it making sure as many potential prospects know about your products or your company?

o To ensure that you make the “shortlist” of those prima-facie able to solve a problem?

o To ensure that you are actively being compared with other products/ companies?

o Or, communicate a time-limited promotional message to ensure purchase?

o Or, are you now wanting to build loyalty with the customer (s) who have purchased your product once?

Who is the specific customer you are talking to (Are you addressing the contact that has the biggest potential impact on the sale of your product? Sure?)? What does he want to hear? What do you want to tell him?


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